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Fresh flower Care instructions

you're some helpful tips to make the most of your fresh flowers. If receiving a Wrapped bouquet, unwrap carefully clean all foliage that will sit below the waterline. Fill your container or vase with room temperature water. Always cut all floral stems on an angle immediately before placing into water this will ensure that the flowers can drink and gives more surface area to the vascular stem. After flowers are arranged, most important thing you can do is keep your vase clean with freshwater. If at anytime you remove the flowers to freshen the water always recut the stems to reopen the vascular system. All flowers have different lifecycles some flowers wilt earlier than others. On any vase of flowers, remove any florals that have wilted and discard them. This will help maintain a fresh vase and also ensure the longest possible shelf life. Again most importantly always keep the water fresh and your flowers freshly cut this will give you the maximum enjoyment out of any fresh cut flower arrangement.